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  • If you plan to attend, please call or email Janet Erdahl by Dec 6 at:
           Phone- 623.815.8022
           Email- llerdahl@msn.com 
                                                                                          The cost is $8 per person.  Part of this goes to pay for the meeting space.


    Please join us for a fun filled Scandinavian Christmas & Smorgasbord.  We will be singing some carols and walking around the Christmas Tree as has been a tradition at many festivals & churches.  Many of us may remember doing this in our younger years!

    Some of the goodies that people are bringing to the Smogasbord are:  Risgrot, Pickled Herring, Lefse, Meatballs, Charcuterie board with shrimp and Norwegian cookies, Sotsuppe, Krumkake, Carrot Raisin Salad, Spritz cookies and more. 

    If you plan to attend and have not yet signed up, please bring a little something to share with everyone!

    As is our lodge tradition, we will be raffling off a Christmas basket filled with lots of Scandinavian treats.

We are also very pleased that we were able to get together for Syttende Mai on the 17th of May, 2021.  We enjoyed a picnic followed by a small parade at Beardsley Park in Sun City West.  It was great to see everyone’s smiling faces!

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