Velkommen til Sol Byer Lodge 6-134

Our goal is to preserve, promote and cherish a lasting appreciation of the heritage and culture of Norway and other Nordic countries. All this while growing soundly as a fraternal benefit society and offering maximum benefits to its members. Sons of Norway serves as a bridge over the Atlantic, between the Nordic cultures. It is a bridge one can travel to meet the past, the present and oneself through the meaning of heritage. We welcome our Nordic brothers and sisters to share our common interests.

Sons of Norway Has A Lot to Offer:


  • Meet new friends through fellowship in the world’s largest ethnic fraternal benefit society.

  • Learn about your heritage. Sons of Norway opens doors to your heritage. You have easy access to interesting up-to-date information about the beautiful fjord country.

  • Members receive the monthly Viking Magazine, a lively look at Norwegian folk art, history, lifestyles, and modern Norway.

  • Feel secure in your future with an outstanding portfolio of Sons of Norway insurance and investment products that are available to members free.

  • ADM Worldlink, Best Western Hotel discount, First USA Visa Card

  • Foundation scholarships and channels support to numerous causes dealing with health, the elderly and the poor

  • Sports and recreational activities

  • Cultural skills programs education

  • Member discounts on Heritage books, videos, and music cassettes

  • World wide web site

  • Children’s quarterly newsletter

  • Map service

  • Special travel packages


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